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Feel the weightlessness inside

Enjoy the energy

  • Express recovery
  • Production of hormones of happiness
  • Use for figure and health
  • Feeling like a week holiday at the sea
  • Suitable for both men and women

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What is floating?

Floating - relaxation and "renewal" in weightlessness

Floating is the most effective and fastest method for the deepest relaxation and recovery in 60 minutes, unattainable by other methods. It allows you to relieve stress and anxiety quickly; the effect lasts for several days and increases with regular use.

High density water over which you are hovering

An enclosed space, which does not penetrate the sounds

Underwater sound system for relaxation

Duration of session - 2 hours of enjoyment

Check out the benefits of floating

What are the benefits of floating?

"Epsom" salt is used in medicine and cosmetology as a treatment source

Relieves fatigue and stress

The fastest way to get rid of fatigue and stress

Increases efficiency

Revitalizes the cells of the nervous system, relieves nervous tension, increases the brain activity by 90%

Use for body and health

Makes your skin and hair silky, reduces swelling and inflammation, improves your health

Relaxes the muscles

Clamps, pain and acidification go away, muscles relax

Improves brain function

You will come up with new ideas and solutions that seemed unsolvable

Cosmetic effect

Detoxifies and exfoliates dead skin cells

What is the procedure of floating?

We have the largest in Latvia and the first in Riga float pod

Floating procedures, especially regular ones, contribute to the total relaxation of body and mind. Being by yourself in this condition is compared to embryonic existence of a baby. It is just a bliss. Check it out, because this state of relaxation is just a gift in our busy, bustling world. You will remember your floating experience for a long time!

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Are you choosing a custom gift? This gift will be remembered! Select the program in the special deals, and we will deliver a gift certificate in a beautiful package ready for a gift!

Floating "refreshes" the body and mind, clears negative emotions and programs, making the person less susceptible to stress. The floating sessions stimulate the natural production of hormones of happiness — endorphins, which bring feelings of joy, peace and bliss.

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Single visit Price
Floating √ Recommend 2450 rub
Floating for two 3150 rub
Floating membership from 5950 rub
Autumn specials deals Price
"Morning power" » 2450 rub 1960 rub
"Full immersion" √ Recommend 3700 rub 2950 rub
"Thai float" 8000 rub 5950 rub
Ongoing deals Price
"Bring a friend to floating" 2450 rub 1715 rub
"The birthday" from 1225 rub

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Know more

Interesting facts about floating

  • 1

    Do you experience bad sleep? A floating session gives the effect of 6 hours of sleep, and helps to get rid of sleep disorders.

    Did you know that insomnia affects more than 50% of the people in all the earth!

  • 2

    During the floating session the person produces endorphins, hormones of happiness.

    Happy people smile more often and a smile makes a person more attractive.

  • 3

    Nowadays stress affects more and more people. A floating session relieves irritability and stress. Extend your life by getting more pleasure.

    The life expectancy of people constantly exposed to stress is a lot shorter than the average

  • 4

    Muscle growth occurs due to rupture of fibres at high loads. The growth phase is the fusion of these fibers. During a session in the float pod the muscles tissues restore faster because of the solution of salt and magnesium, as well as total relaxation in weightlessness.

    Did you know that athletes in the West have been trained in these capsules for 10 years? Many Olympic athletes use this technology for quick recovery.

  • 5

    The regenerative effect of 1 session in the float pod equals to 6 hours of full sleep, and is comparable with a week of vacation at sea.

    Well-rested people look 2 times prettier. Not enough time for vacation? Only 2 hours and you will rest as if you are at the seaside.

  • 6

    During a session left and right hemispheres synchronize which leads to emerging new ideas, decisions, and promotes creative thinking.

    While in the pod, many people lose track of time, some fall asleep. The activity of the brain by disconnecting from external stimuli increases up to 90%



Our guests speak

Feel like a cosmonaut, or when I floated.<...> Nice blue light, peaceful music and you are in zero gravity. For a better effect I immediately closed my eyes. I don't know how long I stayed there, trying to relax and take a comfortable position, but the music gradually subsided, and the lights went out. I open the eyes- and I got a feeling that the ceiling was very low and somewhere very far away from me at the same time. Very strange.

Every boy in the childhood wanted to become an astronaut. So did some girls, you know. However, being a regular visitor to the pharmacy, you can not even dream of space. <...> In General, I liked everything, Im sure to take note of this exercise as a powerful antidepressant, the opportunity to hide from everyone, to be in complete silence (see, where else do we find such place now?) and fly. There is such a service as a couple floating. I think its a good idea for a date, if you are already close enough with the beloved (you take the procedure fully naked), or its suit as a family therapy.

I lead a sport lifestyle — football, cycling, swimming, Jogging, horizontal bar, etc. the Body, of course, is not iron — rest is also necessary. <...> The first feeling was as if that the muscles would pull everything. Like I never played sports for a month. But when once again the music started and later the light was on again I did not want to leave. I wouldnt mind spending there half a day)

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